York Colleges Guild
Welcome to YCG

The York Colleges Guild is a friendly group of bellringing students from the University of York and York St Johns who ring the bells at churches across York.

We hold weekly practices of tower bells and semi-regular hand-bell practices. We also have a variety of weekly socials, on campus and in the city itself. In recent weeks, these have included film nights, Mario Kart, and the annual scavenger hunt. Impromptu socials also seem to happen quite frequently, where we usually have a catch-up over a pint at one of the student bars on campus. See events page for more info on these (apart from the impromptu socials - it's in the name ;)

If you would like to join us or are visiting York from another university for a few days please drop us a message so we can get you involved!

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic we are unable to ring at our local towers as we would usually do, however we still plan to practice ringing with handbells in a safe way until such a time when we can return to the tower

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Last Peal
Friday, 3rd June 2016
St Lawrence, York, North Yorkshire (7-3-24 in A) in 2h 56
5152 Yorkshire Surprise Major
  • 1 - Peter D Hughes (Superfan)
  • 2 - Claire E Reading (Langwith)
  • 3 - William L K Brooke (Halifax)
  • 4 - Lucy Williamson (Alcuin)
  • 5 - Claire L Pearson (Alcuin)
  • 6 - Nathan C Cox (St John)
  • 7 - Ryan Mills (Halifax) (C)
  • 8 - Eric W S Wolever (Wentworth)
Rung in anticipation of the 46th annual York Colleges Guild Dinner.
With many thanks to YCG superfan Peter Hughes for replacing Kevin Atkinson's right hand at the last minute!
First surprise: 2
First surprise inside: 4
Last Ringing
Saturday, 13 June 2020
Ringing Room, UK in 6m
120 Plain Bob Doubles
  • 1 - Rebecca Hall
  • 2 - William Lake
  • 3 - Simon Cumming
  • 4 - Huw Foden
  • 5 - Rosemary S Hall (C)
  • 6 - Tom M G McGonagle
Rung by current members on the day that our 50th dinner day didn't happen due to COVID-19 pandemic
The band would like to associate Simon's internet connection with this performance